Helping practices start remote patient monitoring programs

Easy and affordable RPM programs

RPM Connector specializes in helping practices start Remote Patient Monitoring programs.  Our wireless patent pending wearable worn thermometers that synch data to smart phones form the basis for a RPM program.  Affordable and easy to implement, these programs become profitable two months after implementation


Connector LLC Services

Connector LLC develops online solutions to health related problems.  Connector has contracted with FeverGuard to promote their product and service as a Remote Patient Monitoring program.  We are taking the lead on this effort, so all RPM discussions should go through Connector LLC.

Other Programs

Connector LLC has created the site and app which is designed to help people suffering from Substance Abuse Disorder to find connection with peers and ease them into treatment.

Connector LLC has also created Which helps organizations to gauge the ir members overall risk to having  or contracting Covid.  

Self Help Works

Helping people solve difficult problems can often be effectively handled through our affiliate Self Help Works.  Connector LLC is able to offer a 10% discount if you type in the word “CONNECTOR” at checkout.

Self Help Works Description Page on Recovery Connector