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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) made easy

Early Detection  Saves Lives

The earlier fever is detected the more effective the treatment.  Evidence is even stronger for the opposite, an untreated disease is always more difficult (and expensive) to threat the longer it goes untreated.

Cutting Edge technology for fever detection

Practices can start high risk patients on an affordable RPM program that will help the practice to collect body temperature data automatically, and other self entered physiologic data via follow up with practice staff.

Affordable and easy to use

Billing for setup and the first month of RPM will pay for the device and advanced App membership for the practice.  Subsequent follow up billing for support from staff and continued monitoring will yield solid clinical data as well as a revenue stream for the practice.

Easy Setup and implementation

NIRA Temp is simple to use, comfortable, and effective. It can track the user’s health all day, every day with a one year battery life. 

Once the NIRA Temp App is loaded on the patient phone it can be synched with the device.  The practice just needs to make sure the patient agrees to join their group before leaving…simple!


Profitable within two months

Practices purchase a minimum of 10 devices along with a years reporting subscription for each device. 

The practice bills for setup, basic collection, and periodic follow up with the patient, the device becomes profitable inside the second month depending on  the patients insurance.

Purchase RPM Devices and Services now

Practices must purchase products and provide them to patients in order to be eligible to bill for RPM services.

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