Remote Patient Monitoring

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RPM Revenue Generation

An RPM program intiated with the help and support of RPM Connector will generate income for the practice, often paying for the device and a full years subscription after the first month, depending on reimbursement levels.



Helps high risk patients keep healthy

RPM Connector on a basic level gives the practice, patient and the patients family access to whether that patient is experiencing fever, which can be signs of a dangerous infection in patients considered high risk.  Those suffering from cardiac disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer patients, those who have recently undergone surgery, or even people suffering from substance abuse disorder.


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Gauge clinical status and stay on track with clinical goals

Follow up contact with patients regarding current health status, collection of self reported physiologic data such as those from blood pressure devices, pulse ox, blood glucose or weight Calls can also check on prescription adherence and future scheduling for appointments.